TU Graz students hacking for IT security

Studierende des FuzzyLab an der TU Graz
In global comparison, "LosFuzzys" are among the 40 best hacker competition teams. The Graz team is always on the right side of the force and does not shy away from Meltdown or Spectre.

"Fuzzy" of course can mean unfocused or fluffy. A quality perfectly embodied by the cute yellow bugs – the mascots of the IT security enthusiasts LosFuzzys at TU Graz. The students themselves, though, with their passion for information security are very focused when it comes to their goals. But in IT security games, known as "capture the flag" (CTF), they want to be right at the top – even among world-class competition.

Team members understand "fuzzy" in the sense of open borders, as an invitation to non-computer-science students or school leavers to come round and check out the team. Stefan, Karl, and Roman give a glimpse into the daily life of LosFuzzys in the interview.

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