Global University Virtual Fair - Fall 2020

Student Recruitment Fair via a virtual platform

The virtual event includes 2 main sections:
• Lecture hall for public
• Representative booth

During a 4-hour Virtual Fair in a day (totally 2 day event - 8 hours) Institutions will have the opportunity to talk via text and video with students and let them ask questions, collect brochures, and learn about all you have to offer. Just like an onsite event, we will promote the event through selected channels and invite students that have the right profile and are a great match for the institutions attending.

Fair Program:
October 23-24 Global University Virtual Fair Time - 4 hours in a day (TBD)
• Networking with the Mongolian high school counselors
• Public presentation
• School booth

Further information

23. October 2020 to 24. October (full day) EARC Mongolia Export Event as iCal