Four Austrian universities in Young University Ranking

29. June 2020
Med Uni Graz
Four Austrian universities have been placed in the extended top positions in the "Times Higher Education Young University Ranking".

In a comparison of the institutions "founded" in the past 50 years, the medical universities of Graz, Vienna and Innsbruck were placed 24th, 27th and 36th, while the University of Klagenfurt came 52nd. The medical universities are considered "young universities" because they were spun off from the universities of Graz, Vienna and Innsbruck, which were founded centuries ago, in 2004 and have been independent universities ever since.

In contrast, the University of Klagenfurt was in fact only founded as a university for educational science in 1970, converted into the University of Educational Science in 1975 and into the University of Klagenfurt in 1993 - depending on which date the ranking makers use, it could fall out of the ranking next year.