New Bachelor's degree program "International Business Administration" at the JKU

4. February 2021 Higher EducationStudies
View of the campus building of the JKU Linz
With the Bachelor's degree in "International Business Administration" there will be a new, purely English-language Bachelor's degree at the JKU. The program starts during the winter semester 2021/22.

Taught entirely in English, the new Bachelor's degree program International Business Administration offered by the JKU Business School prepares students to pursue a career at an international company either in Austria or abroad. The program not only provides students with an insightful overview of a company's business activities, but also helps to develop managerial skills so that students can effectively work as part of an intercultural team.

Participants will learn just how important core areas of business administration are, ranging from finance, accounting, and tax management to management and marketing, digitalization, and supply chain management. In addition, students take classes in economics, mathematics/statistics, research methods, social skills, international law, and are required to learn a second language.

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