Online campaign "UNInteressant? - Ideas that improve our lives"

22. March 2021 Higher EducationStudies
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One year after the first lockdown as a result of COVD-19, Universities Austria (uniko) is expanding its online campaign "UNInteressant? - Ideas that improve our lives".

In addition to the focus on "Corona Research", the special topic "Living with the Pandemic" is now available online. All 22 public universities are participating in the campaign together with the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

The campaign intends to increase the visibility of the importance of research, science and universities. The selected topics - health, culture & sport, technology, environment, economy and work, coexistence and mobility invite the reader to look at what's happening at Austrian Universities research-wise and what that has to do with your everyday life.

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Source: APA OTS/Universities Austria