Summer Meetup for Ukrainian Students at OeAD

2. August 2023 ScholarsHochschule
Die Teilnehmenden der Ukraine Veranstaltung versammelt für ein Gruppenfoto in der Ebendorferstraße
Events4scholars: Ukrainian Ernst Mach grant holders met for news & information, city tours, food and inspiring networking opportunities during our 'Summer Meetup' in Vienna.

On Friday the 21st of July, the first Summer Meetup for the scholarship holders of the Ernst Mach Grant Ukraine took place in Vienna. As the Ernst Mach Grant Ukraine became an important financial aid to many Ukrainian students and academics in Austria, with the organized Summer Meetup participants had an opportunity to finally meet their fellow scholarship holders and establish valuable contacts.

Held at the OeAD house in Vienna, the event commenced with a warm welcome from Gerhard Volz, Head of the Department for International Cooperation in Higher Education. Following the introduction, the Programme Officers Svitlana Petrashko and Caroline Senk, together with Katharina Engel, shared some interesting facts and figures about the programme, emphasizing its dedication to supporting talented students and researchers from Ukraine in pursuing academic and research opportunities.

As the day unfolded, participants split into three groups and went to discover Vienna in various ways. On a fascinating Ukrainian city tour, one group explored historical and cultural interconnections between Vienna and Ukraine. A riddle rally in the heart of the city had another group unravel clues scattered around the center of Vienna. The third group went for a special visit to the EU-house Vienna, where the participants gained an in-depth understanding of the European Commission and its work.  After a day of exploring the city, the participants regrouped at the OeAD house where a Ukrainian buffet awaited them, offering a taste of authentic Ukrainian cuisine. However, the evening's true highlight was a captivating musical performance by one of the talented scholarship holders - Oksana Vakula from the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz.

The Ernst Mach Ukraine team was thrilled with the engaging conversations, exchanges, and genuine connections that were made throughout the day. Thanks to everyone who attended, the Summer Meetup undoubtedly left a mark on everyone involved.