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Veranstaltung zu Internationalisierung technischer Fachhochschul-Studiengänge

16. April 2021HochschuleWissenschaftskommunikation

Die FH Technikum Wien veranstaltet am 1. Juni 2021 eine Fachveranstaltung zum Thema Internationalisierung technischer Fachhochschul-Studiengänge: Ideen, Konzepte & …

Neues Masterstudium Molecular Precision Medicine

16. April 2021HochschuleStudium

Medizinische Universität Wien und Universität Wien starten neues Masterstudienprogramm

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FH Kufstein – University of Applied Sciences

Entertainment, culture, education - Tirol has many things to offer. Nestled in one of its most beautiful landscapes, the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences offers international & innovative degrees in both Economics and Engineering & Business Administration preparing students for their future career. Its high teaching standards have earned it multiple awards.

Due to the hands-on nature of the degrees offered and the opportunity to broaden horizons during the obligatory semester abroad, Kufstein University of Applied Science students are – even pre-graduation – highly sought after by employers.