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The OeAD took part in the Study in Europe Virtual Fair 2021

17. Juni 2021HochschuleHochschulmarketing

The OeAD represented Austrian higher education institutions with a virtual booth and recorded webinar during the Study in Europe Virtual Fair 2021 on June 16.

Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien mit drei neuen Master in zukunftsrelevanten Inhaltsfeldern

14. Juni 2021HochschuleStudium

Mit drei neuen Masterstudien setzt die Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien ihren Weg fort, sich in zukunftsrelevante interdisziplinäre Inhaltsfelder zu vertiefen und ihren …

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PH Burgenland - Teacher Training College

The intensifying of research based teaching and learning is a fundamental goal of the PH Burgenland. Through the knowledge gathered by the competence centre for research and development, as a result of national and international projects, and for reasons of pedagogic practice, the following topic areas will be designed with reference to educational policy and the profile of the organisation: New Cultures in Teaching and Learning, Multilingualism and Intercultural Education, E-Learning and Media Resources in Teaching.