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To enter Austria for study purposes, one might need a visa and/or a residence permit. Please note that the detailed requirements for a visa and/or a residence permit depend on your nationality. Therefore it is very important that you always check with the appropriate authorities in Austria and/or in your home country as to which rules and procedures concern you based on your particular situation.

EU/EEA nationals need neither a visa nor a residence title. They, however, have to register with the authority in charge of residence within three months of entering Austria.

Nationals of other countries need a travel visa C (for stays for a maximum of 90 days) or a residence visa D (for stays of at least 91 days up to a maximum of 6 months) or a Residence Permit - Student (for stays longer than six months).

Start preparations early

We recommend that you start the visa process early (about three months before you plan to enter Austria), as it may take some time for you to collect all the relevant documents.

Further information: www.oead.at/entry