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There are various scholarship opportunities as well as possible project funding for international students & researchers. Depending on your country of origin and the level of your studies, there are different options for funding.

Please bear in mind that scholarships are offered by different institutions. You can also look for scholarships or other funding opportunities available in your home country.

Scholarships opportunities include the following:

  • Scholarships offered by a wide variety of institutions can be found at, Austria’s most comprehensive database for scholarships and research grants
  • OeAD scholarship programmes for undergraduates, graduates, postgraduates, doctoral Students and researchers

  • Institutional scholarships offered by the higher education institutions themselves. Some Austrian higher education institutions may offer a small number of scholarships or grants to international students and researchers, although these kinds of options are relatively rare. You can either check our database or check the possibility of any such financial aid directly with the institution you are interested in.

Euraxess – Researchers in Motion

Euraxess – Researchers in Motion is a European initiative providing access to a wide range of information and support services for researchers wishing to pursue research careers in Europe. You can find job vacancies and fellowships at Euraxess Jobs.

You will find particular information about Austria on Euraxess Service Centres help you and your family to plan and organise your move to Austria and provide assistance in all matters related to mobility. All services of the Euraxess Network are free of charge. Research grants also can be found in our database