Graz University of Technology

Studierende der TU Graz © TU Graz/Kanizaj

Science. Passion. Technology. Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) has built up an impressive record of achievements in teaching and research over the last 200 years. The research activities range from high-quality basic research and application-oriented research to industrial implementation. Co-operation projects with science and business play an important role. The TU Graz consolidates its competence thematically in the five "fields of expertise" by carrying out top research in important areas for the future from human and biotechnology to mobility and production or advanced materials science. 13,000 students from almost 100 countries worldwide study at TU Graz in seven faculties and 100 institutes. Based on scientific bachelor’s programmes, the the TU Graz concentrates on research-oriented master’s and PhD programmes. The TU Graz produces top performers and managers who are much in demand.

Faculties and programmes

Architecture | Civil Engineering | Mechanical Engineering andEconomic Sciences | Electrical and Information Engineering |Technical Mathematics and Technical Physics | Technical Chemistry, Chemical and Process Engineering and Biotechnology |Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering


The TU Graz is a modern, future-oriented educational and research institution with a distinctive international profile. The TU Graz offers 18 bachelor’s programmes, 33 master’sprogrammes – 14 taught in English – and English doctoral degree programmes. The traditional strong networks existing between the TU Graz and representatives of international industry and economy allow students to gain practical experience throughout their studies. A strong focus is placed on educating students in entrepreneurship but also on supporting the students’ developments in terms of their key skills and personalities. Thus the university also supports the various student initiatives and interdisciplinary teams of students in different research areas, from automotive to robotics or neuroscience. Many of these teams make incredible achievements in international competitions. All this further enhances the already excellent career prospects for TU Graz graduates in research and industry. In terms of teaching the TU Graz is also blazing news trails and uses the latest teaching and learning technologies to support interactive and creative study.