Medical University of Innsbruck

Blick über Innsbruck mit der Medizinischen Universität Innsbruck im Hintergrund © Franz Oss

In the heart of Tyrol, and consequently in the heart of the Alps, the Medical University of Innsbruck provides the best conditions for successful research, studies and teaching at an attractive location. The main objectives of the Medical University of Innsbruck are to provide top quality teaching and training, world-class research and continuous advancements in top-flight medicine. The organisational units of the Medical University are divided into medical theory, clinical practice and further (service) facilities. The University clinics are located at the Provincial Hospital. The close integration of theoretical instruction and practical hospital environment has always been a special feature of medicine in Innsbruck. The city of Innsbruck is one of the oldest centres of academic medicine in Austria and has been a central component of the university – first as a faculty (1674) and, since 2004, as an independent medical university.

Faculties and programmes

Degree programmes. Molecular Medicine – Bachelor’s Programme | Molecular Medicine – Master’s Programme | Medicine | Dental Medicine | Pharmaceutical Sciences – Drug Development and Regulatory Affairs – Master's Programme
PhD programmes. PhD Programme in Biomedical Sciences (contains 7 programmes) | PhD Programme in Clinical Sciences (contains 6 programmes) |
Other Courses


The Medical University of Innsbruck is one of the largest educational facilities for doctors and medical researchers in western Austria. On average over 3,000 students participate in the courses. Roughly 300 PhD postgraduates take one of the 12 PhD programmes offered. In addition, a part-time doctoral programme – the Clinical PhD – is offered for graduates of the Medicine and Dentistry degree programmes. We also offer wide range of courses, from professional further education courses to medical lectures for people without medical training. Like every university, the Medical University of Innsbruck is mostly associated with research, which is one of its three core activities (research, teaching and patient care). Research focuses on oncology; neurosciences; infectiology, immunology & transplant and as an interface with genetics, epigenetics and genomics. Scientific research is also carried out in other areas. Our researchers assert themselves well in this extremely competitive field and obtain funding both on a national and international scale. The Medical University of Innsbruck has a unique campus structure where the research institutes are centred around the university hospitals. This fosters medically relevant research and provides the grounds for developing personalised medicine in Innsbruck. The organisational units of the Medical University are divided into medical field theory, one clinical area and in other service facilities. Important roles in this context are played by the Province of Tyrol and Tirol Kliniken, with whom the University clinics are jointly operated.