Anton Bruckner Private University

Studierende sitzen auf Stiegen. © ABPU/Jürgen Grünwald

As one of four universities in Linz, a UNESCO City of Media Arts, the Anton Bruckner Private University constitutes a dynamic and innovative centre for the arts. Here performers and teachers of tomorrow receive an individualised education in music, drama and dance – inspired by the striking architecture of a new state-of-theart university building. As one of five Austrian universities for music, drama and dance the Bruckner University’s mission is three-fold, offering students a training ground for performing the arts, teaching the arts and academic research. Staging more than 500 events a year, the Bruckner University functions as one of the region’s foremost organisers of cultural events, ranging from chamber and orchestral concerts, plays, dance and jazz performances as well as contemporary music concerts to podium discussions and lecture performances.

Faculties and programmes

Instrumental Studies and Music Education (BA/MA) | Voice and Music Theatre, Music Education – Voice (BA/MA) | Jazz and Improvised Music (BA/MA) | Composition, Jazz Composition, Media Composition / Computer Music (BA/MA) | Conducting (BA/MA) | Orchestral Academy (MA) | Early Music (BA/MA) | Contemporary Dance – Stage Dance / Performance / Pedagogy (BA) | Contemporary Stage Dance (MA) | Movement Studies (MA) |  Dance Pedagogy (MA) | Drama (BA) | Teachers Training Music Education for Secondary Level (BA / MA) | Cultural Studies (BA) | Artistic-Scholarly Doctoral Programme (Dr. art.) | Academic Doctoral Programme (PhD) | Musikvermittlung – Music in Context (MA)


Art and pedagogy. Performance and pedagogy study programmes at the ABPU comprise a common foundation of core subjects. Building on this base, students may choose performance or pedagogy modules, even allowing students to complete both study programmes by fulfilling the requirements for both.
Studies and professional experience. Early on in their studies students are afforded an opportunity to gain professional experience as participation in numerous projects – executed in collaboration with various orchestras, concert and theatre venues, the Upper Austrian Music School Network, kindergartens and other educational institutions – constitutes an integral part of the curriculum.
Entrance requirements at the ABPU. Admission to the ABPU requires passing an entrance examination – it is not mandatory to hold a general qualification for university entrance. A BA degree is a prerequisite for admission to the master’s programmes. Proof of proficiency in the German language (Performance: A2 (CEFR) / Pedagogy: B1 (CEFR)) is required by the beginning of the third semester. Entrance examination take place in June or September, depending on the desired study programme.
Tuition. Tuition is 363,36 Euros per semester + Student Union fees (Austrian students and students who have the same status as Austrians (i.e. nationals of all EU and EEA member countries); For all other students from third countries (who are in possession of a Residence Permit-Student) 726.72 euros per semester is generally required + Student Union fees.