Joseph Haydn Private University Burgenland (JHP)

The Joseph Haydn Private University Burgenland (JHP) was accredited in 2023 as the first tertiary music education institution in the federal province of Burgenland and is well-known as a competent institution in the field of music education in its over five decades of academic and artistic achievements. Funded by the province of Burgenland and located in its capital Eisenstadt, it acts as a cultural beacon for a culturally open region where the artistic roots of Joseph Haydn, Franz Liszt, Carl Goldmark and others can be found as well as the multiculturalism of the German-speaking, Croatian, Hungarian and Roma ethnic groups, diverse Jewish traditions and a vibrant contemporary art scene.

The university is named after Joseph Haydn, who worked and lived in our region for almost 30 years. His special position and lasting significance in music are beyond doubt and continue to inspire us today in the artistic, educational and academic fields. In addition, we also reflect current trends in contemporary art in our teaching and research and always see our education in a social context. The JHP is a place of exchange and excellence for young people who have a deep appreciation for music in their lives. We are a hub for creativity, virtuosity and curiosity as well as a meeting place for artists from all over the world. Admission to the program requires an entrance examination.

Faculties & programmes

Bowed string instruments | Classical music | Composition and music theory | Guitar | Jazz and popular music:  E-Guitar/-Bass, Keyboards, Saxophone, Drums and percussion | Music education | Orchestral percussion | Piano | Pipe organ | Singing | Wind instruments


The JHP is an impactful and well-structured university with regional and international significance. The focus is on the teaching of 18th and 19th century music using the examples of Joseph Haydn and Franz Liszt on the basis of current knowledge of historical performance practice. Ethnomusicology, contemporary music and popular music as well as their pedagogical forms of teaching round off the program.
Degree courses for bachelor's as well as master's in artistic and artistic-pedagogical studies are offered.

The faculty of the JHP is composed of internationally renowned personalities. Several times a year prominent guest professors enrich our study programs with master classes and workshops.
The JHP is characterized by an international flair, we have students from more than 30 different countries and staff originating from 10 countries. The university takes part in various Erasmus+ programs (student and staff mobility, cooperation partnerships, etc.), there is a steady exchange of members with other conservatories and universities all over Europe. Since 2004 the JHP is a member of the AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen).

Further unique features:
The possibility for students to practice 24/7 on the premises of the JHP as well as the opportunity to play on historic instruments in Schloss Esterhazy, in the residential house of Joseph Haydn or the Franz Liszt center in Raiding.
Students are offered various opportunities to gather performing experience in the course of live events (e.g. Haydn Saal in Schloss Esterhazy, Burg Schlaining, Seefestspiele Mörbisch).

Renowned alumni of the JHP:
Johannes Schneider, Andreas Reiner, Peter Schreiber, Elisabeth Kulman, Eduard und Johannes Kutrowatz, Thomas Machtinger, Maximilian Dobrovich, Clara Frühstück, Franz Hautzinger, etc.
We also offer scholarships for highly talented pupils.