Webster Vienna Private University

Studierende der Webster Universität © Katarina Balgavy

Webster Vienna Private University was established in 1981 and is located in the beautiful Palais Wenkheim. Webster gives both nationaland international students the opportunity topursue an American education in Austria that isaccredited both in the U.S. and Austria. Its maincampus in St. Louis was founded in 1915 and itpromotes critical thinking while fostering interculturalunderstanding.With students from over 70 countries and a facultyfrom over 20 countries, Webster Viennaoffers a diverse and multicultural environment.Small class sizes allow university faculty to giveeach student a personalised educational experience.At the library and learning centre youwill find the resources you need for your coursework, to satisfy your intellectual curiosity, or torelax with a good book. The media departmenthas rooms with state-of-the-art equipment forvideo and audio recording.

Faculties and programmes

Bachelor – Undergraduate Programmes. Business Administration (BS) | Management (BA) – with a possible emphasis on Marketing; InternationalBusiness | International Relations (BA) | Psychology (BA) | MediaCommunications (BA)
Master – Postgraduate Programmes. International Relations (MA) | Counseling Psychology (MA) | Finance (MSc) | Marketing (MSc) | MBA


At Webster Vienna Private University the focus is on thestudent. A variety of programmes and people are in place at Webster Vienna to support the students academically, socially and professionally.

  • Career and Development Center
  • Individual Advisors
  • Counseling Services
  • Language and Quant Center
  • Student clubs and organisations

Just to name a few. Webster‘s international network of campuses offers aworld of opportunities. Admission to one campus means admission to the Webster Worldwide network. Students can travel the Webster University network as a study abroad or a transfer student. Webster University has campuses in: Austria, Vienna; China, Shanghai; Switzerland, Geneva; Thailand, Cha-am, Bangkok; The Netherlands, Leiden; Greece, Accra; UK, London; Africa, Ghana; USA, Main campus in St. Louis, MO

Webster Vienna Private University is the only American dually accredited university in Austria, with both the US Higher Learning Commission accreditation and private university accreditation from the Austrian Ministry of Education. The business programmes are also accredited by ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs).