Private University College of Teacher Education Augustinum

Studierende der KPH Graz © KPH Graz/Elisa Kleissner

Initial teacher training for primary schools, in-service training and further education of teachers for all types of schools in Austria takes place at university colleges of teacher education. Initial teacher training for secondary schools is offered both by universities and university colleges of teacher education (common studies). The PPH Augustinum is committed to innovation, to Christian social and moral values and to international horizons. Full account is taken of topical scholarly and scientific standards of teacher training, and lively interaction between pedagogy, theology and other relevant disciplines is encouraged. The PPH Augustinum is a place of learning and teaching where "greatest challenge goes along with greatest respect" (A. S. Makarenko).

Faculties and programmes

Bachelor’s studies for the teaching profession at primary schools | Religious education for secondary schools | Master’s studies for primary education, special needs education as well as religious education studies
Further education of teachers from primary and most types of secondary schools in a large variety of subjects, skills and competences, from short-term single courses to intensive four-semester study programmes


At the PPH Augustinum the new type of teacher training is based on the Christian image of man and closely related to humanistic and democratic values, sustaining a spirit of mutual respect and dialogue. The largely modularised schedule guarantees that the contents of studies are not approached in a single-sided way but comprehensively with regard to their intrinsic connections. Special emphasis is put on modern reform pedagogical movements. The PPH Augustinum has more than thirty academic partner institutions in more than twenty European countries, offering a wide framework for students’ and teachers’ mobility according to European exchange programmes. The PPH Augustinum focuses on pedagogical research, offering a rich variety of publications as well as cooperations with both national and international institutions in this field. While the majority of students in the initial teacher training study for primary school teachers’ qualifications, the PPH Augustinum is also specialised in training teachers for Catholic religious studies in primary as well as secondary schools.