Montanuniversität Leoben

Studentin der Montanuniversität im Labor © Montanuniversität/Armin Russold/Foto Freisinger

As a technical university with a unique profile, the Montanuniversität Leoben claims a special position in both the Austrian and international academic landscape. The study programmes offered – with their specific focus areas – can only be pursued in Leoben. As a result, Montanuniversität graduates are amongst the most sought-after of all academics. As one of the smallest universities in Austria the Montanuniversität offers its students great infrastructure and the best possible attention from academic staff. Students benefit from the close cooperation with their lecturers, any problems can be solved quickly and successfully. For many years the university‘s success and popularity have been documented by a number of rankings and surveys.

Faculties and programmes

Applied Geosciences | Mineral Resources Engineering | Petroleum Engineering |Industrial Energy Technology | Materials Science | Polymer Engineering and Science |Metallurgy | Mechanical Engineering | Industrial Logistics | Industrial Environmental Protection & Process Engineering | Recycling Technology


The study programmes are based on the value-added chain, starting with the exploration and extraction of raw materials, continuing with fields such as metallurgy, high-performance materials, process and production engineering, and completing with environmental engineering and recycling.

The Montanuniversität Leoben is strongly committed to integrating the concept of sustainability into the value-added cycle. The range of studies is complemented by multidisciplinary fields such as Industrial Energy Technology and Industrial Logistics.

The first year of studies is a period of introduction and orientation for the students and therefore almost the same for all fields of study. As a result, students can switch study programmes seamlessly at the end of the first year without losing any time. In these first two semesters particular attention is given to the basic subjects so that all first-year students have the same academic level. As far as the first semesters are concerned, the following courses should be taught according to the curriculum: physics, mathematics, computer applications and programming, chemistry and mechanics. These courses are held in German.

The Montanuniversität has always been closely associated with industry and economics. With a large number of projects in cooperation with various companies students are integrated very early into a network that will later provide them with a head start into the professional world.

Thanks to the strongly application-oriented style of instruction students always keep abreast of the latest developments and rapidly find themselves at home in their vocation. With their expertise and unique profile graduates from Leoben are in great demand all over the world.