Seeburg Castle University

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Seeburg Castle University stands for innovation and transformation. With a focus on developing business competence, SCU is dedicated to educating students in the fields of responsible leadership, sustainability and entrepreneurship. Our study concept builds on a solid academic foundation and incorporates hands-on insight provided by business partners and special field trips. We accompany our students as instructors, partners and coaches as they pursue their chosen field of expertise and develop the skills required to become tomorrow’s leaders.
Our approach:
We are committed to providing a space for effective engagement and for personal growth and development. The small size of our student cohorts helps facilitate building connections and fosters a sense of community; moreover, professors and support staff welcome the opportunity to assist students with questions about their personal career path. Studying at SCU not only means earning a degree but also becoming part of a network – both as a student and after graduation.

Faculties and programmes

Since its founding in 2007 SCU has helped students write their own success stories. Our programmes are growing and expanding, and we currently offer the following university degrees: Business Administration (BSc, MSc), Business Psychology (BSc, MSc), Sports and Event Management (BSc) and Creativity and Innovation (PhD). Additionally, we offer diverse professional development programmes, including several MBA degrees and various continuing education degrees (BSc (CE), MSc (CE)) and courses.


Individualised options:
Academic credit from other tertiary institutions, as well as professional experience, can potentially be recognised for university credit at SCU. For example, relevant work experience can be credited to the BSc (CE) degree, potentially cutting the study period in half and also reducing student fees.
Academic commitment:
We emphasise transferring research into practice: Academic work often addresses issues at a meta level, providing big-picture insights, but being able to apply scientific terminology and content to “real-world problems” is essential for meeting specific challenges from a variety of angles and for initiating effective change. We are committed to making sure that students will graduate with a portfolio of skills that will facilitate their professional launch and/or significantly improve their chances of promotion.
Blended learning:
Our blended learning approach integrates a variety of teaching methods and formats and incorporates the advantages of both virtual instruction and in-person interaction.
Your prospects:
We are flexible and adaptable, which allows us to offer individualised study plans and to stay on the cutting edge. When your career goals change or market conditions shift we are ready to adapt, too, in order to ensure your holistic development, both personally and academically.