UMIT TIROL – Private University for Health Sciences and Health Technology

Faculties and programmes

Medical Technology | Medical and Biomedical Informatics | Mechatronics | Gerontology | Health Sciences | Health Informatics | Public Health | Health Technology Assessment | Psychology | Nursing Science | Physiotherapy | Health and Nursing Informatics


Certificate courses in addition to the academic programme. Besides the academic bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies as well as the university training courses the UMIT TIROL also offers certificate courses, which convey knowledge in special areas of health care and technology in a concentrated form. In the near future the following certificate courseswill be offered:

  • Causal Inference in Observational Studies and Clinical Trials
  • Affected by Treatment Switching: A Practical Hands-on Workshop
  • Doping and Doping Prevention
  • Information Management and eHealth in Nursing
  • Introduction to Health Technology Assessment
  • Clinical Psychology in the Bachelor’s Programme
  • Clinical Psychology in the Master’s Programme
  • Modeling Approaches in Health Technology Assessment
  • ÖÄK Diploma Mountain and Altitude Medicine
  • Problem Based Learning Basics
  • Problem-Based Learning Tutor
  • Statistical Consulting and Further Training
  • Winter School in Clinical Epidemiology