Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU)

View of the campus building of the JKU Linz © Hertha Hurnaus/HERTHA HURNAUS

Welcome to the JKU. Law, Social Sciences & Business, Engineering & Natural Sciences, Medicine, Art x Science, Digitalization – the campus is home to all of these majors available in one modern, well-designed location. Take advantage of numerous casual and comfortable spaces to meet with friends and enjoy stimulating conversation, focus on studying, and talk about classes with your fellow classmates. The JKU offers green spaces to enjoy the outdoors, opportunities to attend "Mensa" parties, play soccer and volleyball right on campus, enjoy a cup of coffee, and even a picnic with friends - it can all happen right here! The Faculty of Medicine opened its doors in 2014, and the new JKU MED Campus is located in the city center in close proximity to the Kepler University Hospital, thereby further strengthening Upper Austria's largest institution of education and research.

Faculties and programmes

Faculty of Law | Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business |Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences | Faculty of Human Medicine | approximately 100 academic degree programmes


Be it medicine, law, engineering, computer sciences, education, natural sciences, or social sciences, economics & business, choose your major at the JKU and enroll in one of almost 100 different academic degree programs. The Johannes Kepler University not only offers modern contemporary academic degree programs; the university also consistently revises programs to create new, pioneering programs, such as Art x Science. Are you young? The JKU is, too! Established in 1966, the JKU is among Austria’s newer universities. As a young university, the JKU can forge new, innovative paths. Many important research areas, such as mechatronics, computer sciences, and marketing, had their beginnings at the JKU in Austria – and even Europe. The JKU’s current development plan outlines the university’s research priorities and includes Digital Transformation and Sustainable Development, Responsible Technologies, and Management. The JKU Science Park offers state-of-the-art educational and research facilities and the Linz Institute of Technology (LIT) was created as a competence center to support technological advancements. The JKU Faculty of Medicine is the first university in Austria to offer undergraduate/ graduate studies in medicine and a unique, virtual space to learn  about anatomy,  the JKU MedSPACE. Another advantage to studying in Linz is that Upper Austria has one of the country’s strongest economies. As a center for business and industry, billions are generated annually in direct exports. These are ideal, exclusive conditions that allow students to actively take part in future-oriented research projects conducted together with local companies and industry. Students not only apply what they have learned in the classroom to address real-world situations, they make important, lifelong contacts.