Johannes Kepler University Linz (JKU)

View of the campus building of the JKU Linz © Hertha Hurnaus/HERTHA HURNAUS

JKU. Simple. Different. Larger, closer, simpler. The JKU campus is different. Instead of scattering faculties (Law, Social Sciences & Business, Engineering & Natural Sciences, Medicine) throughout the city, almost all of the departments are available in one, well-designed modern location. In addition to shorter distances and being able to save time getting from one place to the other, the campus environment ensures one important factor in particular: communication. Students and professors spend time together both in and out of the classroom. "Kidsversity" at theJKU offers flexible childcare services to employees. The crèche opened in 2015, making it easierf or JKU employees to balance studies, work ,and family life.

Faculties and programmes

Faculty of Law | Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business |Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences | Faculty of Human Medicine |about 60 academic degree programmes


Studies at the cutting edge. The Johannes Kepler University not only offers modern contemporary academic degree programmes; the university also consistently updates programmes and creates new, pioneering programmes. And as picking a major is sometimes not that easy, the JKU offers extensive and individual academic advising services to prospective applicants and new students. This way, everyone can find a major best suited to his or her interests and talents. Are you young? The JKU is, too. Founded in 1966, the JKU is among Austria’s newer universities. As a young university the JKU can forge new, innovative paths: Many important research fields, such as mechatronics, computer sciences, and marketing, had their beginnings in Austria – and even Europe. The JKU Science Park offers state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities. In 2014, the JKU Faculty of Medicine opened its doors, offering Austria’s first undergraduate/graduate medical degree programme. The Johannes Kepler University is also responding to the needs of the time: The new School of Education has been designed to provide high quality teacher education programmes and the Linz Institute of Technology (LIT) was created as a competence centre for technological development. Another advantage of studying in Linz is that Upper Austria has one of the country’s strongest economies. As a centre for business and industry, billions are generated annually in direct exports. This is ideal for students as these exclusive conditions allow students to be an active part of research projects conducted together with local companies and industry. Students can apply what they learn to real-world situations and make important contacts.