Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol

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The Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol offers academic training and education in the health care sector and has become an important part of the Tyrolean education area. The bachelor’s programmes encompass biomedical science, dietetics, logopedics, midwifery, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and radiological technology, each with a duration of three years. For continuing education and professional specialisation the university offers a wide array of master’s programmes and certificate programmes for further education. A team of experienced teachers and scientists trains the students to become highly qualified professionals in the health care sector. Within the framework of the well-founded higher education programmes the students are taught practical, scientific, social and personal skills needed in health care professions, preparing them for the requirements of these occupations.

Faculties and programmes

Bachelor’s programmes. Biomedical Science | Dietetics | Health Care and Nursing | Logopedics | Midwifery | Occupational Therapy | Ophthalmic Optic | Physiotherapy | Radiological Technology | Sign Language Interpreting
Master’s programme. Quality and Process Management in the Health Care Sector
Master’s courses. Addiction Councelling (MSc) | Advanced Practice Midwifery (MSc) | Advanced Practice Physiotherapy (MSc) | Biomedical Sciences (MSc) | Clinical Dietetics (MSc) | Educational Theory for Health Professions (MSc) | MBA in the Health Care Sector (MBA) | Nutritional Communication (MSc) | Occupational Therapy (MSc) | Radiological Technologies (MSc)
Academic courses. Addiction Counselling | Arts Therapy | Biomedical Sciences | Cancer Nursing | Educational Theory for Health Professions | Intensive Care Nursing | Midwife for Perinatal Management | Occupational Therapy | Optometrist | Paediatric Nursing | Psychiatric Nursing | Quality and Process Management | Radiological Technologies | Respiratory Therapist | Suicidology | Surgical Nursing


Participation in exchange programmes. The Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol is committed to promoting the mobility of its students and staff. The International Relations Office supports students to participate in exchange programmes such as the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. Numerous partner institutions in various European countries guarantee insights into health care and education systems on an international level.
Research. The Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol pays special attention to research. Embedded in an excellent environment of health care and research institutions, the university applies high standards for research work undertaken at its institution. In each course teachers help and mentor students in carrying out bachelor’s and master’s thesis projects. In addition, the students have an appropriate infrastructure at their disposal. Laboratories, therapy rooms, special research hardware and software as well as a library with online access to numerous data bases and journals are standard at the Health University of Applied Sciences Tyrol.