Academic excellence in geography: Fjolla Neziri's pursuit of knowledge

5. Juli 2023 ScholarsAlumni
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Introducing Fjolla Neziri, a hardworking student with a remarkable dedication to geography and geospatial technologies.

A hardworking student with a passion for geography

Fjolla Neziri is a hardworking student who possesses a deep passion for Geography and Geospatial Technologies. Her part-time work experience and comprehensive knowledge of core subjects reflect her meticulousness, attention to detail, and exceptional observational, organizational, and communication skills. Fjolla embarked on her academic journey at the University of Prishtina, specifically in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Department of Geography. She commenced her bachelor's degree in 2017 and successfully graduated in 2020. During her undergraduate years, Fjolla had the opportunity to enrich her educational experience as a scholarship holder in Zagreb, Croatia, where she spent a month studying and expanding her knowledge. After completing her bachelor's degree, Fjolla pursued a master's degree, further specializing in Geography and GIS. She embarked on a series of remarkable experiences across various European universities. In 2021, she was awarded a scholarship in Krakow, Poland, where she focused her studies on Geography and GIS, diving deeper into her academic interests. During her studies, Fjolla gained experience working with ArcMap and Global Mapper, utilizing these software tools to create various thematic maps.

Further Specialization and Expertise Development

Continuing her academic journey, Fjolla received another scholarship in 2022, this time in Austria, for a three-month program. She dedicated her time to exploring Physical Geography and Geospatial Technologies, honing her expertise in these areas. This experience further fueled her passion and solidified her knowledge. In 2023, Fjolla once again secured a scholarship in Austria, this time for a three-month program at Karl Franzens University in Graz. During this period, she had the invaluable opportunity to put her theoretical knowledge into practice by working with spatial technologies. Fjolla gained hands-on experience with ERDAS Imagine, analyzing patterns and processes related to landscapes.
Fjolla's career began to flourish when she participated in a project in Utrecht, Netherlands, focusing on the sustainable future of cities and youth activism in transforming post-socialist countries in the Balkans. She actively contributed to this project for a remarkable nine months, showcasing her dedication and commitment to making a positive impact. With her strong academic background, practical experience, and proficiency in software such as ERDAS Imagine, Fjolla Neziri is well-equipped to excel in the field of Geography and Geospatial Technologies. Her drive and determination make her an asset to any team or organization she joins.

Fjolla Neziri on her time in Austria with the CEEPUS scholarship

"Believe in yourself, your abilities and your own potential. You are worthy of all that you can dream of and hope for!"

The scholarship provided me with financial aid and entirely enabled me to be supported to achieve my educational goals and continue with my studies. Through the scholarship, I have been able to grow academically and professionally, and the course deepened my knowledge and skills in Geography. These experiences have given me a positive overall outlook on life, especially in becoming a resilient person and learning to deal with challenges in a productive manner. The skills I gained are indispensable for my future career and development. I believe this will positively influence my future as I have learned many new skills and acquired knowledge that aligns with my expectations. I have also had valuable exposure through this program, which has allowed me to think and approach things differently. Overall, the experience has been rewarding, I have enjoyed seeing how far I can be stretched. From the beginning, I wanted to use this scholarship in every possible aspect, both personally and professionally. Now I have more confidence, more knowledge, and I have expanded my network, connecting with many colleagues and professors, which I will need in the future.

Utilizing Geospatial Technologies 

A highlight of my time spent abroad was the practical work in the laboratory with programs that I had the opportunity to work with for the first time. I believe this software will be essential in my future profession. One extremely important aspect was the possibility of using this program in my master's topic. Therefore, I utilized ERDAS Imagine in my research analysis regarding hillslope processes, data processing, and image analysis. Through the use of this program, I have come to the conclusion that my future research and potential advancements should be focused on Geospatial Technologies.

The Fulfillment of Studying Abroad and the Enrichment of International Perspectives

As a result of this experience, I have benefited greatly both personally and professionally. I consider this to be one of the most important experiences of my career, and I believe it will be valuable in my profession. This experience has also influenced my career aspirations and goals, leading me to understand the field of specialization I want to pursue further and become successful in, which is Geospatial Technologies. I am deeply grateful to CEEPUS and OeAD for providing the opportunity to participate in the exchange program in Europe and for awarding scholarships to students. This program has not only allowed me to fulfill my dream of studying abroad but has also provided me with a short-term study experience that has significantly boosted my confidence in the future. The program has enriched my life experiences and expanded my international perspective. I strongly encourage current and future scholars to seize the opportunities presented by this incredible award and make the most of them.

  • Full name: Fjolla Neziri
  • Current employment and position: Student
  • Home institutionUniveristy of Prishtina, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • City of your home institution: Prishtina, Kosovo
  • Scholarship programme: CEEPUS 
  • Duration of your stay in Austria: 03.2023 - 06.2023
  • Motto: "Believe in yourself, your abilities and your own potential. You are worthy of all that you can dream of and hope for!"