Meet Soeharto: An expert in educational sciences and STEM learning

5. Juli 2023 ScholarsAlumni
A picture of Soeharto sitting outside and smiling.
Get to know Soeharto and his research journey into the world of STEM education, uncovering the creative approaches of teachers towards inclusive education.

Transforming education

Soeharto was a PhD Student at the Doctoral School of Education, University of Szeged when he received Ernst Mach Grant – worldwide at the University of Vienna from OEAD. Currently, He works as a research fellow at the University of Szeged this year to research STEM Learning. He is an expert in Educational measurement in educational sciences such as inclusive education, STEM Learning, thinking skills, and misconceptions in sciences. His research collaboration with the University of Vienna focuses on exploring STEM teachers’ attitudes and creativity regarding inclusive education. During 7 months research stay, with collaboration between the University of Vienna, Austria, and the University of Szeged, Hungary, two manuscripts have been submitted to Q1 journals. As a research fellow, he also has an active role as a reviewer in several high-impact journals in the educational field.

Enhancing STEM education: Soeharto's reflections on his research fellowship

“to improve you must be able to measure”

I spent my research period at The Centre for Teacher Education (ZLB) at the University of Vienna. I started the research activity by brainstorming ideas, literature review, data collection, and writing manuscripts related to STEM teachers’ attitudes and creativity regarding inclusive education. The research culture at the University of Vienna teaches me to be on time, precise, and measurable in doing research in my area. The scholarship gave me the chance to collaborate with Austrian researchers, share my ideas, and obtain critical feedback from experts who are beneficial to my understanding and doctoral project. The engaging and friendly atmosphere of the institute stimulated further research, not least due to the excellent research facilities available. I am grateful to be one of OEAD scholars for this wonderful experience and opportunity to elevate my academic development and personal growth. In addition, I was also enjoying my time exploring the beautiful and elegant city of Vienna, while finishing my research.

  • Full name: Soeharto
  • Academic degree: PhD
  • Current employment and position: Research Fellow at Doctoral School of Education, SZTE
  • Home institution: University of Szeged (SZTE), Hungary
  • City of your home institution: Szeged, Hungary
  • Scholarship programme: Ernst Mach Grant - worldwide
  • Duration of your stay in Austria: 12.2022 - 06.2023
  • Motto: “to improve you must be able to measure”