Technical University Graz: New English-language Geosciences master's degree programme

NAWI Graz Studierende tauschen sich in der Natur aus.
NAWI Graz will launch a new English-language Geosciences master’s degree in the 2018/19 winter semester. Registration for the programme is open until 30 April.

The programme will be offered exclusively in English from next semester, and has been revamped to cover an even wider spectrum of disciplines. Besides geology and palaeontology, specialist areas include petrology, geochemistry, the science of the distribution of elements and compounds in all parts of the geosphere, as well as mineralogy, hydrogeochemistry, hydrogeology and engineering geology.

Application deadline on 30 April

Applicants who have not obtained a bachelor’s degree from TU Graz or the University of Graz, or as part of a NAWI Graz programme must complete an application procedure.

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