Salzburg's university founds AIT Laboratory for Intelligent Interfaces Innovation

18. September 2023 Higher EducationStudies
The "Intelligent Interfaces Innovation" lab in Salzburg focuses on the interface between people and machines, aiming to advance HCI research and collaborate with the industry.

The "triple I" stands for "Intelligent Interfaces Innovation". It deals with the interface between intelligent people and machines, explained lab director Manfred Tscheligi, a renowned HCI pioneer in Austria. The research teams of the University of Salzburg and AIT, consisting of around 70 employees, are being merged here to achieve greater visibility, said Andreas Kugi from AIT. Over the next five years, the lab will receive five million euros from AIT, the University, and the state of Salzburg. An endowed professorship will soon be advertised. The lab builds on the expertise in Salzburg and has several projects, including one on real-time motion data visualization for athletes and another on the use of robots in mobile care. The main goal is to become a think tank for future HCI solutions and to work closely with the industry. Governor Wilfried Haslauer emphasized the importance of this research for Salzburg's economic location.

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Source: APA/Science