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From fields to labs: The bioactive tapestry of seedy bananas

12. February 2024ScholarsAlumni

In a blend of nature and science, discover the story of seedy bananas and how a researcher's pursuit is transforming them to potential functional foods

Developing more effective drug delivery systems for obesity treatment

2. February 2024AlumniResearcher

Pharmacist Amina Tucak-Smajić came to Austria with the CEEPUS programme and the S&T cooperation initiative between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Austria between 2019 and 2023.

Austria awarded with University of Desarrollo Global Award

27. September 2023Alumni

The Chilean University of Desarrollo acknowledges Austria’s contribution to global education in 2022

Academic excellence in geography: Fjolla Neziri's pursuit of knowledge

5. July 2023ScholarsAlumni

Introducing Fjolla Neziri, a hardworking student with a remarkable dedication to geography and geospatial technologies.

Meet Soeharto: An expert in educational sciences and STEM learning

5. July 2023ScholarsAlumni

Get to know Soeharto and his research journey into the world of STEM education, uncovering the creative approaches of teachers towards inclusive education.