Study in Austria at NAFSA

4. June 2024
This year's NAFSA was a great success, thanks to four days of fruitful meetings and a session focused on the empowerment of refugee students.

With the initiative "Study in Austria", we were delighted to represent the higher education sector of Austria at this year's NAFSA, alongside 10 prestigious Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences. Together with our partners, we provided information about study programmes and scholarships.

Our university representatives took full advantage of their time at NAFSA, meeting with existing partners, engaging in fruitful exchanges, and exploring new potential collaborations.

At this year's NAFSA we also had the privilege of chairing a session with colleagues from FH JOANNEUM, Delaware State University and Dickinson College, on 'Empowering Displaced and Refugee Students: Shifting Perspectives on Campus Internationalization.' During our session we highlighted programmes in Austria and the United States that have developed social integration and academic initiatives involving students from Afghanistan, Syria, and Ukraine, and discussed how these students, in turn, enriched institutions’ internationalisation goals and renewed the sense of community.