Catholic Private University Linz

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The Catholic Private University of Linz (KU Linz) is a vibrant place of acknowledged reputation for excellent scientific research and teaching. From a historical point of view the KU Linz is the oldest academic institution in Upper Austria. For more than 300 years theology has been conducted and taught here. In 2000 the then KTU Linz was accredited to become the first private university of Austria. All courses offered in the fields of theology, religious education, philosophy and art studies are nationally accredited and recognised internationally. It distinguishes itself by its scientific quality and its very personal atmosphere. The KU Linz addresses current issues and comments them in public talks, symposiums, exhibitions and publications. As a competence centre especially for humanities the Catholic Private University Linz accompanies the economic, technological, cultural and social development of the country.

Faculties and programmes

Faculty of Theology. Catholic Religious Education | Christian Theology | Religion in Culture and Society | Catholic Theology
Faculty of Philosophy and Art History. Philosophy | Art History


With its two faculties, the Faculty of Theology and the Faculty of Philosophy and Art History, the Catholic Private University Linz is a centre for humanities and cultural studies in Linz. Study procedures comply with the three-tier structure inaugurated by the Bologna Process. On all levels students may choose from various modules according to their specific fields of interest. Research at the Catholic Private University Linz is focussed on diverse challenges presented by both a society and a church in transition: how can theology, philosophy, and the arts further these shifts and reflect upon them? This if best done in an interdisciplinary manner which need not be invented a new given the many historical incidents of cultural interaction between religion, art and philosophical thinking. A constructive dialogue between theology and economics has also been established in the curriculum which has its institutional backup by the main emphasison "Business – Ethics – Society". Together with other universities and colleges of education the KU Linz offers teacher training not only in religious education but also in psychology and philosophy. In cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine at the Johannes Kepler University a curriculum for medical ethics is currently being developed and will be implemented soon.