Danube Private University (DPU)

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The Danube Private University (DPU) was founded in September 2009. The university has faculties for Medicine and Dentistry and is a 100% privately funded organisation. At the start of the summer semester 2017 the university has more than 600 students enrolled in dentistry, allowing students to graduate with the academic qualification of Dr. med. dent. The DPU is also accredited for postgraduate master’s courses in a variety of specialist dentistry fields.
Vision. The university competes at an international level offering a degree in Dentistry which places significant emphasis on practical work and which incorporates the fundamentals of science and natural sciences. The DPU strives to position students at the heart of the university offering state-of-the-art training and an educational experience that students can build upon for life.

Faculties and programmes

Full-time, 12 semesters. University Degree in Dentistry leading to Dr. med. dent.
Part-time, 6 semesters. Aesthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry (MSc) – in German/English | Endodontics (MSc) – in German | Orthodontics (MSc) – in German/English |Oral Surgery/Implantology (MSc) – in German/English | Periodontology and Implantology (MSc) – in German/English
Full-time, 6 semesters – in English language. Clinical Oral Surgeon/Implantologist (MSc) |Clinical Orthodontist (MSc)
The Danube Private University additionally offers degree courses in the following subjects: Bachelor of Arts in Medical Journalism and PR (BA) | Master of Arts in Medical Journalism and PR (MA) | Bachelor Dental Hygiene (BA) – in German


The Danube Private University’s ethos is based on classical, educational ideals and principles. The University strives to educate highly qualified dentists, placing great emphasis on academia, yet also values the pursuit of cultural interests and activities. Extra-curricular events are offered to all students in the form of lectures, literary discussions, musical events and art appreciation. Danube Private University students are also required to understand the social responsibility of their vocation towards people. Students are frequently engaged in social projects both in the town of Krems and in the region. Students, lecturers and employees of the Danube Private University are eager to show their commitment to Dentistry and their ability to act as a co-operative partner in the scientific community in the region as well as in the Republic of Austria.