Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences (KL)

Auditorium Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität © KL/D. Hawelka

The Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences (KL) is the first Austrian tertiary education institution to offer a comprehensive range of integrated medical and health sciences degree programmes in line with the requirements of the Bologna model. The KL carries out translational and clinical research into selected areas of health studies and human medicine. The internationally competitive research focuses primarily on the innovative field of biomedical engineering. The University aims to generate third-party funding from national and international programmes and innovative research collaborations with industry partners in selected areas of health science. A network of university hospitals in St. Pölten, Krems and Tulln enables the institution to provide students with a quality-assured, research-led education and to carry out topclass clinical research with a strong international reputation.

Faculites and programmes

Faculties. Medicine | Psychology
Study programmes. Medical Science | Human Medicine | Psychology


Study. The Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences educates the next generation of health scientists, physicians, psychologists, psychotherapy and counselling scientists as well as neurorehabilitations scientists. They ought to be pioneers in new areas of research and flag bearers for an interdisciplinary approach to health and medicine. Small groups, a strong focus on practice and all-roundpersonal support are the stand-out features of the university’s teaching activities. The KL also encourages students to see the big picture and adopt an interdisciplinary mindset that allows them to communicate and work effectively, and identify solutions geared to patient requirements. From the beginning students have the opportunity to be involved in the ongoing research projects at the KL.
Research. The Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences focuses on innovative research in the broader field of medicine and health sciences. Innovative methods and interdisciplinary approaches are the cornerstone of modern healthcare. A strong emphasis on designing projects that encompass various aspects of diversity is central to defining and establishing the research profile.