Seeburg Castle University

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The Seeburg Castle University, a centre forhands-on business competence, creates and distributes knowledge with practical significance at an academic level. We prepare our participants in their chosen fields to develop them into the leaders of tomorrow. Our outstanding programmes not only increase your attractiveness to the corporate market but, more importantly, they increase your practical ability to succeed.
Our concept. Students come to Seekirchen or Vienna only a few times each semester for a week or a weekend at a time to participate in course work, complete exams and to trade experience and ideas with classmates, professorsa nd academic coaches. Between on-sitephases students use the internet and the learning platform to study online. They can work on their own or in groups on assignments and ask tutors for feedback and advice.

Faculties and programmes

The Seeburg Castle University is a young university of Economics and offersthe following accredited programmes: Business Administration (BSc, MSc) | Business Psychology (BSc, MSc) | Sports and Event Management (BSc, MSc)
In addition there is the opportunity to complete the three-semester Master of Business Administration (MBA) in General Management. In all courses the focus lies on personal care and on work in small groups. Our university offers the ideal conditions for its students to develop personal, social methods and subject-knowledge skills into a very unique, holistic skills profile.


Individualisation. Previous academic performance and relevant work experience of students are considered in determining the length of study as well as programme contents.
Academic coaching. The optimal alignment of personalabilities, career goals and choice of study area is an essential condition for academic and career success. We already provide orientation and support before the start of the programme through the analysis of individual talents and personal goals. During the complete course of study personal academic coaches are available to counsel and advise every student. They support the development of learning strategies and provide suggestions for specific exam preparation. Part of the duties and responsibility of our academic coaches is to help prepare students for asuccessful job search through job application training and a personal counseling session.
Blended learning course format. The "blended learning" approach combines the advantages of various teaching and instruction methods. These course formats will be used in away to achieve an optimal "blend".
Advantages for students. There are three main advantages for students at the Seeburg Castle University: practical relevance and problem orientation, didactic concept, flexibility.