Medical University of Graz

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The Medical University of Graz founded in 2004, with morethan 1,800 employees in academic and non-academicareas and over 4,300 students enrolled in the diplomaprogrammes medicine, dentistry, and nursing science; thedoctoral programme medical science; PhD-programmes andpostgraduate university courses is the hub of innovative andhigh-end medicine in the south of Austria. At the same time,this university is an attractive living space and workplace forboth employees and students and also contributes decisivelyto the field of patient care.

Faculties and programmes

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The research community at the Medical University of Graz bundles its innovative capacity in four research fields and the general approach of sustainable health research. The Center for Medical Research, the Center for Knowledge and Technology Transfer in Medicine, the Biobank Graz (with more than seven million biological samples) and a lot of other facilities provide the perfect research infrastructure, soon located on the premises of the MED CAMPUS. So research infrastructure will be raised to a new level and facilitate interdisciplinary networking. Existing forms of cooperation like BioTechMed-Graz, a research initiative of the Medical University of Graz, the University of Graz, and the Graz University of Technology, complete the scientific portfolio. Furthermore, the Medical University of Graz is well aware of its social responsibility and organises various interesting events on a regular basis. The aim is to inform the public on health issues and to broaden access to university education, respectively.