University of Klagenfurt

Studierende auf einem Enzi-Möbel im Garten der Universität Klagenfurt © Steinthaler/(c) / Martin Steinth

The University of Klagenfurt (AAU) is a young, innovative university located in the Austrian state of Carinthia, a meeting point of three cultures. Around 10,000 students study and carry out research at the AAU, approximately 2,000 of whom come from overseas. Our campus is international, diverse and features modern infrastructure. The AAU is set apart by its forward-looking programmes, top-class teaching and research, wealth of cooperation projects and unique campus location just a short walk from Lake Wörthersee. The AAU Campus is located in the city of Klagenfurt, which has a population of around 100,000 and is one of the safest cities in Austria. Klagenfurt is a captivating city, with a wealth of streetcafés, bars and restaurants that give it a real Mediterranean ambiance.

Faculties and programmes

Technical Science | Management and Economics |Humanities | Interdisciplinary Studies


The AAU offers 56 degree programmes, including variousEnglish master’s programmes:

Game Studies and Engineering. A transdisciplinaryprogramme, instructing students on technical as well as analytical and ethical issues regarding video and other games.
Autonomous Systems and Robotics. Builds on the principles of sensor and actuator technology, robotics and cybernetics.
Networks and Communications. Explains the principles and methods of mobile communications, signal processing and wireless sensor networks.
Business Engineering. Focuses on the application and implementation of scientific knowledge and methods and provides you with technical and economical skills.
International Management. A combination of courses in marketing, innovation management, entrepreneurship, financing and accounting, business management and business logistics in global contexts.
Media and Convergence Management. Brings together the myriad challenges of a networked society and includes content from media and communication, management, marketing and technology.
Science, Technology and Society Studies. Provides an understanding of the complex relationship between business, technology and society.
English and American Studies. A combination of courses in language, literature and cultural studies that will give you specialist skills and cultural, methodological and factual knowledge.
Doctorate. The AAU offers Doctorates in Natural Sciences (Dr. rer. nat.), Philosophy (Dr. phil.), Social Sciences and Economics (Dr. rer.soc.oec.) and Technical Sciences (Dr. techn.).