University College of Teacher Education Vienna

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The University College of Teacher Education Vienna puts great effort into making the teaching profession its focal point. Education, training and continuing professional development, in conjunction with research, ensure that the demands of the teaching profession and other related educational professional fields are met in a sustained manner. We pride ourselves on successful cooperation and well-developed networks with all types of schools within the educational region. Considering that teaching and learning are fundamentally based on research, practice, personality-oriented professional development and sustained internationalisation, current theories in education are being revised with an emphasis on diversity in the development of potentials. Within the framework of the new teacher education study programme, the organisation of bachelor’s and master’s studies is based on the Bologna structure.

Faculties and programmes

Primary Level Teacher Education. (plus focus on Integrated Education or Special Needs Education) Vocational Education. Nutrition | Part-time Vocational Education and Apprenticeship (dual training) including Engineering and Industrial Arts (DATG) | Relevant Special Studies/Supplementary Studies Information and Communication | Fashion and Design | Leisure Education. General Secondary Level Teacher EducationVienna/North-East cluster.


By providing pre-service and in-service classroom teaching training aimed at compulsory and vocational school teachers the University College of Teacher Education Vienna represents a centre for cutting-edge educational research and studies. Our study programmes and available courses are internationally recognised and have credibility in all EU countries. The University College of Teacher Education Vienna additionally offers hands-on teaching practice for future teachers including continuing professional development and expert training for teachers. The University College of Teacher Education Vienna has exchange agreements with more than 90 European partner universities. Students from these universities may study under the Erasmus+ programme at our institution for either one semester or a full academic year. Both teaching and administrative staff may participate in the exchange programmes within their respective professional fields. Apart from the cooperation with both EU and non-EU partners we welcome students from any other partner and non-partner universities provided that the fees are covered directly by the students themselves. The University College is committed to strengthening its reputation in the international academic network as well as supporting the international initiatives of our academic staff. An important part of our work is to provide quality services to all participants in the exchange programmes, available for both students and academics. We are very proud of our international programme, which is specifically designed for international and Erasmus+ students. The ECTS system is applicable to all teacher education courses.