University of Applied Sciences

Since the start of the first few universities of applied sciences’ (Fachhochschule) degree programmes in the winter semester of 1994/1995, a constant growing demand has been experienced in this sector. In the areas of economy, tourism, technology, information technology, health, security, media and design, the universities of applied sciences provide students with qualifications for specific occupations that are in line with the demands of trade and industry. Mandatory career-oriented practical training units or job-based internships are part of the universities of applied sciences’ degree programmes. Extra occupational studies for working individuals are also offered, which take into account the specific situation of working students.

Whether you are interested in modern telecommunication technologies, e-business, biotechnological processes, traffic ecology, industrial IT, healthcare management, facility management or any other of the variety of subjects taught, the study options at the universities of applied sciences are adapted constantly and in permanent dialogue with trade and industry to meet the trends and requirements of the time.