Theresan Military Academy

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The Theresan Military Academy was founded in 1752 and is one of the oldest military academies in the world. In compliance with the timeless, straightforward order issued by Empress Maria Theresia in 1751 "Make them fine officers and righteous men!" the faculty of the Theresan Military Academy is still making great efforts to bring forth leaders of excellence for the Austrian armed forces. These days, however, her mission has been restated within the framework of the bachelor’s programme in military leadership. The educational process is governed by the University of Applied Sciences Studies Act, an EU programme implemented by national legislation. Nevertheless the educational process still takes place in accordance with the Theresan Leadership Model, the contemporary interpretation of the historic order to educate specific military and civilian leaders or crisis managers of either sex.

Faculties and programmes

Bachelor’s Programme in Military Leadership. The language of instructionis German (B2 level) although approximately one third of all modules are taught and trained in English.
Programme in English. Joint Interdisciplinary Master’s Study Programme for Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP JMSP)


As the name implies the main aspect for our bachelor’s programme is developing leadership competence formilitary leaders. Knowledge and skills are developed to enable the graduates to cope with modern security challenges. To this end expert knowledge is gained in military core subjects and in relevant scientific disciplines such as law, political science, economy and business administration, philosophy, sociology, psychology and educational science. In addition to the academic programme military students complete their readiness for duty in the Austrian armed forces by specific military training between the semesters. During these military modules cadets gain hands-onexperience at platoon and section level. The modules, into to called Carrier Officers Course, contain – apart from platoon leader training for all types of operation – alpine and branch-specific training. The Carrier Officers Course teaches those qualifications and skills that a military officer requires for his or her initial role in order to perform the execution of tasks, even under operating conditions in multinational joint operations and leads to the commission into the Austrian armed forces as a second lieutenant. The bachelor’s programme in Military Leadership is also open to civilian applicants. These students develop the necessary leadership competences and qualifications together with the professional officers. Civilian enterprises and organisations (GOs,NGOs, IOs) headhunt for our graduates, who are renowned for their premium leadership competence and experience.