Further opportunities for refugees (Linkcollection)

Labour Market Integration

  • AMS
    The Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) is Austria’s leading provider of labour-market related services.

  • Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF)
    The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) is a fund of the Republic of Austria and a partner of numerous organizations and leaders in the field of integration and migration in Austria. In its integration centers in all state capitals, the ÖIF offers integration measures for asylum seekers and persons entitled to subsidiary protection as well as immigrants and provides information on current developments in the field of integration and migration.

  • More than one perspective (MTOP)
    MTOP connects companies and highly-skilled, recognized refugees on the Austrian labour market and demonstrates the potential of integration into the workplace

  • Mentoring for Migrants
    “Mentoring for Migrants” is a joint initiative of the ÖIF, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber, and the AMS job market service. The goal is to bring together experienced individuals from the business world – mentors – and people from a migrant background – mentees – and help them become integrated into the Austrian labor market. Mentors and mentees spend about six months working through activities together to enter the labor market. As experienced business people, mentors can give their partners valuable assistance, advice, and put them in touch with the right people.

Educational counseling

  • Die Wiener Bildungsdrehscheibe
    Organisation: AWZ
    Short Description: Die Wiener Bildungsdrehscheibe offers individual orientation, educational advice as well as mediation for German courses, educational offers and charitable activities.
    Duration of offer: Consultation appointments by telephone or personal arrangement;
    Opening times: Mo-Fr 8:30 - 16:00
    Target group: from 15 years of age (after completing compulsory schooling)

Buddyprogrammes for kids and teenagers

  • Lernbuddy-Programm
    Organisation: Vienna University of Economics and Business - Volunteering@WU 
    Brief description: In weekly meetings, students support children and young people in their school and social development (learning aid and leisure activities); Preparatory seminars & supervision for students, recognition as a free elective subject for WU students possible;
    Duration of the offer: at least one semester, long-term participation possible
    Target group: children and young people cared for by Caritas Vienna; WU students as learning buddies
    Age group: 6-18 
    Required criteria: Caritas Vienna looks after the children
    Contact: Steffi Mackerle-Bixa (Leitung Volunteering@WU) 

  • Musikbuddy-Programm
    Organisation: Vienna University of Economics and Business - Volunteering @ WU
    Brief description: Students and children meet weekly within the Caritas initiative Brunnenpassage, work within the framework of a choir and perform several times during the semester; preparatory seminars & supervision for students, recognition as a free elective subject for WU students possible; 
    Duration of the offer: at least one semester, long-term participation possible
    Target group: music-loving children; WU students as music buddies
    Age group: 6-10
    Required criteria: Children must be register with Caritas Vienna (Brunnengasse)
    Contact: Steffi Mackerle-Bixa (Leitung Volunteering@WU) 

  • Summersportcamps (Sportbuddy)
    Organisation: Vienna University of Economics and Business - Volunteering@WU 
    Short description: Students supervise children as part of a summer camp with a focus on sport and nutrition; preparatory seminars & supervision for students, rrecognition as a free elective subject for WU students possible;
    Duration of the offer: once a year, one week during the summer holidays
    Age group: 9-12 
    Contact: Steffi Mackerle-Bixa (Leitung Volunteering@WU) 

German Courses

Recognised refugees and people who have been granted subsidiary protection have access to public funding for language courses. Please note that language courses are offered by various providers, many of them for profit.

General information about language levels can be found on the website of the Austrian German Language Diploma ÖSD, a state-approved examination and assessment of German as a Foreign Language / German as a Second Language:

The Austrian Integration Fund ÖIF

The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) supports recognised refugees and people who have been granted subsidiary protection through funding for literacy, elementary (A1, A2) and advanced courses (B1). Please note that you must apply for funding before the course begins. The ÖIF offers personal counselling at guidance centers in Vienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck, St. Pölten and Klagenfurt, as well as at 18 mobile counseling centers in different regions of Austria. For more information please consult the website of the OIF.


The ÖSD offers language exams at levels A1 – C2. They are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Language course funding by the Public Employment Service Austria AMS: The AMS supports recognised refugees and people who have been granted subsidiary protection. For more information please contact your regional AMS.

ALFATELEFON Österreich: The central advice center for basic education and literacy offers free telephone information and advice on courses on all aspects of basic education in Austria. This course database also lists courses for refugees.

Other possible funding sources for language classes Vienna/Lower Austria:

Other possible funding sources for language classes Tyrol:

Language certificates for students

Austrian higher education institutions usually teach in German (some programmes are available in English. An overview can be found at www.studienwahl.at). Admission to a degree programme usually requires a language level of at least B2, for some programmes even C2. Please contact the respective institution for information on conditions and accepted language certificates.

University Preparation Programmes are offered in the cities of Vienna, Graz and Leoben.

Wien: Vorstudienlehrgang der Wiener Universitäten
Graz: Vorstudienlehrgang der Grazer Universitäten und Hochschulen
Leoben: Vorstudienlehrgang Leoben

Funding for the University Preparation Programme of the Vienna Universities: The University of Vienna offers scholarships to asylum seekers and recognised refugees who have been admitted to the University of Vienna;

Preparation Programmes by Universities of Applied Sciences

Several Universities of Applied Sciences offer preparation programmes as well.

Wien: The FHWien der WKW offers language classes for incoming students "German as a foreign language" up to C1. 
St. Pölten: The FH St. Pölten offers German classes for their students up to B2.

Further opportunities:

  • German courses for refugees
    Organisation: Vienna University of Economics and Business - Volunteering @ WU 
    Brief description: German courses (B2 and C1) for refugee adults who possess a general qualification for university entrance; additional offers by WU employees and students (conversation, PC courses, leisure activities ...)
    Duration of the offer: per language level approx. 10 hours per week for 1 semester 
    Target group: persons entitled to asylum, persons entitled to subsidiary protection, asylum seekers 
    Age group: from 18 years 
    Contact: Steffi Mackerle-Bixa (Leitung Volunteering@WU) 
  • miteinander.Bildung.leben - Deutsch- und Integrationskurs
    Organisation: FH Campus Wien - Gender und Diversity Management 
    Brief description: German and integration course (language level B2 and C1) for asylum seekers with a tertiary educational background. The aim is that the participants can achieve the prerequisites for a nostrification in the field of health/social work or for the continuation of technical and scientific studies. Intensive German lessons, ÖSD exams included, social work support, educational advice, workshops, inclusion activities (excursions, exchange meetings with students, tandem network at the FH campus Vienna)
    Duration of the offer: October 2020-July 2021, MON-FRI, if funding is approved, the new project will run from October 2021 to July 2022
    Target group: Asylum seekers and asylum seekers with a tertiary educational background Age group: no age limit, but university access and tertiary educational background is mandatory
    Other: Registration only possible via the Vienna Education Hub.
    Contact: Katrin Oberhöller und Sarah Wolf 
    Tel.: +43 1 606 68 77 - 6146


  • START-Stipendium
    Organisation: START scholarship for committed schoolchildren with a migration background Brief description: Scholarships for young people with migration or refugee experience.
    Starting age: 16-21. A maximum of 3 years of financial and non-material support, coaching and advice.
    Aim: Higher education or apprenticeship. Application is possible once a year, always in spring.
    Duration of offer: a maximum of three school years. Time required: at least 1 workshop per month, mostly on the weekend/evening, two training seminars per year (weekend); regular contact with the team; 
    Target group: regardless of residence status: asylum seekers, persons entitled to asylum, subs. protection, permanent residence, citizenship
    Age group: 15 to 21 (entry age)
    Required criteria: Migration background, financial need, commitment, enough time and interest to be able to participate in the extensive educational program.
     Young people should be able to communicate in German
    Contact: Katrin Bernd
    Tel.: +43 664 8860 5582 or +43 1 890 8011

  • Stipendien für Asylwerber/innen und Asylberechtigte zum Ersatz des Lehrgangsbeitrags des Vorstudienlehrgangs der Wiener Universitäten (VWU)
    Organisation: University of Vienna (Admission office/Office Studienpräses)
    Short description: Reimbursement of the VWU German course fee for asylum seekers and persons entitled to asylum.
    Duration of offer: Applications are possible until the summer semester 2020. The offer has already been extended several times.
    Target group: Asylum seekers and persons entitled to asylum whose asylum application was submitted after December 31, 2014 in the Republic of Austria and who want to study in Austria.
    Age group: No specific age group.
    Required criteria: Admission requirements for studying at the University of Vienna have to be met. More information is available on the respective website.
    German language skills at A2 level are required 
    Website Admission office
    Büro Studienpräses
    Email: (Admission office) 
    oder  (Büro Studienpräses)

  • UniFreunde/Stip Ment
    Organisation: Fremde werden Feunde/Verein 
    Short description: Course scholarships for asylum seekers at VWU/face to face peer mentoring for asylum seekers and VWU graduates in their first semesters;
    Duration of offer: academic year 2019/20 
    Age group: no age limit
    Required criteria: first semester students registered at VWU  
    Contact: Sonja Winklbauer, Kathrin Limpel, Grete Kernegger
    Emails: sonja.winklbauer@vwu.atkathrin@fremdewerdenfreunde.at,

Other funding opportunities

Online course offers

  • Kiron
    Open Higher Education for Refugees Kiron enables access to higher education and successful learning for refugees through digital solutions.

Courses offered by universities and universities of applied sciences

  • MORE Programme
    Universities Austria - uniko
    Brief description: MORE courses are aimed at refugees who need orientation for possible studies and want to improve their language skills. Participants may be able to take up or continue a regular degree later.
    MORE-Perspectives is an offer aimed at refugees with an academic background. The platform connects refugee scientists and artists with members of Austrian universities.
    MORE-Activities represent a low-threshold offer that goes beyond the range of courses and promotes intercultural communication and integration.
    Duration of offer: Universities Austria itself does not offer any courses etc. but is the initiator of the project. The activities are offered at the university level.
    Target group: eligible for asylum + subsidiary protection + asylum seekers
    Age group: from 18 years
    Required criteria: studies or previous education in the home country
    Contact: Stephanie Zwießler
  • MORE TU Wien
    Organisation: Vienna University of Technology
    Brief description: MORE is an extraordinary two-semester curriculum consisting of 4 modules: Living and working in Austria, mathematics, computer-aided technical drawing (CAD) and programming / IT
    Duration of the offer: Applications are accepted in August/September, the curriculum lasts from October to June, 2-3 afternoons per week - from 3 pm-6 pm;
    Target group: eligible for asylum + subsidiary protection + asylum seekers
    Age group: 18+ years required 
    Criteria: Interest in technology or technical studies or previous education in the home country
    Other: German skills at the level of B2 will be of an advantage
    Contact: Louisa Holub 

    Tel.:+43 (0) 588 01 410 862

  • Zertifikatskus "Bildungswissenschaftliche Grundlagen für Lehrkräfte mit Fluchthintergrund"
    Organisation: BeeFlip 
    Short description: The course lasts one year and contains the basics of educational science  of the teacher training course, a school internship and a C1 German course. 
    Duration of the offer: each approx. 1 year
    Target group: secondary school teachers with completed training and teaching experience; German B2.2
    Age group: no age limit 
    Contact: Irene Biewer, Jelena Stanisic

  • Refugee Educational Initiatives Erasmus+
    Organisation: University of Vienna 
    Brief description: The University of Vienna offers scientific courses for asylum seekers, persons entitled to asylum or persons entitled to subsidiary protection in Austria and other countries of the European Economic Area who are aiming to study at a European university. The courses are funded by the European Commission's ERASMUS+ program.
    Duration of the offer: Since 2016 
    Target group: persons entitled to asylum, asylum seekers
    Age group: 16 years and older
    Required criteria: German from B1 / B2
    Katharine Sarikakis, Gert Tomita


  • Initiative Minderheiten
    Organisation: Peerment 2019-21 
    Brief description: Support through advice, accompaniment and individual mentoring. Biography work with selected people.
    Duration of the offer: The project lasts from 2019-2021, with around 3 mentoring meetings at individually agreed intervals planned for each mentee.
    Age group: Adults 18+
    Criteria: Interest in higher education. In other words: everyone who is aiming for a degree or has already started studying and would like support.
    Contact: Mikael Luciak
    Tel.: +43 1 966 9001
  • Open Learning Center - OLC
    Organisation: Diakonie refugee service
    Brief description: The OLC supports (educationally) disadvantaged people from the age of 16 on the second educational path to higher qualifications (secondary level II or higher). Offers include tutorials in German, English, mathematics, workshops, individual support and peer mentoring.
    Opening times: Mon-Thu 09-18
    Duration of the project: Until 12/2021 
    Target group: people with (educational) disadvantage
    Altersgruppe: from 16 years
    Required criteria: completed compulsary education. Concrete & realistic educational goal
    Sabine Racketseder 
    Jan Widtmann 
    Tel.: +43 664 88 63 28 55

  • Mentoring
    Organisation: ÖH federal representation 
    Brief description: Support with study admission; advice on residence and employment law; advice in several languages; legal advice: brochures and information material for foreign students, lectures and workshops for foreign students; political work to improve the situation of students; 
    Target group: all students. 
    Age group: no age limit
    Required criteria: none
    Yuliya Varsh 
    Tel.: + 43 1 310 88 80-65
  • Schreibmentoring
    Organisation: University of Vienna (Center for Teaching and Learning)
    Brief description: Students trained by the CTL become writing mentors and offer 1.5-hour writing groups once a week at all participating institutes. Advice is given on: dealing with literature, structure, argumentation, text production, revision of texts, scientific language and much more. 
    Duration of the offer: every semester, as soon as the dates are available (i.e. from about mid / late March to late June) the exact dates of the individual groups can be found on the website.
    Target group: students of the University of Vienna 
    Age Group: no Age Limit
    Required Criteria: positively completed StEOP phase
    Eva Kuntschner (Koordination des Schreibmentorings),
    Klara Dreo (Mehrsprachigkeit/DaF/DaZ) 

  • Schreibberatung Organisation
    Organisation: Universität Wien (Center for Teaching and Learning) 
    Brief description: CTL writing assistants offer individual advice both at the CTL and at cooperating libraries (main library, Department of English Studies, Department of Sociology & Political Science, and Department of Translation Studies). Students with a first language other than German are preferred when making appointments. All writing assistants can also provide advice in English.
    Duration of the offer: Advice to libraries: Main library Thu, 1.30pm-4.00pm; English Studies Wed, 14: 00-16: 00, Sociology & Powi Mon, 14: 00-16: 00, Translation Studies t.b.a.)
    Advice at the CTL: by appointment 
    Age group: students of the University of Vienna 
    Age group: no age limit
    Contact: Marcela Hubert (Koordination der Beratungen)
    Klara Dreo (Mehrsprachigkeit/DaF/DaZ) 
    Email: oder

  • UniClub
    Organisation: Children's Office University of Vienna GmbH
    Brief description: Learning guidance and support on the way to the Matura in all school subjects, open learning afternoons, student teachers as StudyBuddies, science and research in workshops and excursions; 
    Duration of the offer: long-term support over several years possible, participation in appointments if necessary, up to several times a week; 
    Target group: migration or refugee experience (regardless of status)
    Age group: 13-19 upon entry
    Required criteria: pupils, secondary level 2 or shortly before entering the Sekundarstufe II website
    Conact: Daniela Marzoch
    Email: oder 
    Tel.: +43(1) 4277 24224

  • Schreibwerkstätten - Kick Off Workshops
    Organisation: University of Vienna (Center for Teaching and Learning)
    Short description: Writing assistants and staff at the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Vienna offer a two-day intensive workshop for students who have registered their thesis and who have a topic and supervisor (advice on: narrowing down the topic, developing an initial structure, writing and revision techniques, planning the project, scientific language ...) On request, a workshop can be held especially for students with a first language other than German. In this workshop, the challenges of this target group will be particularly addressed.
    Duration of the offer: see Website
    Target group: Students of the University of Vienna 
    Required criteria: Students who are writing a thesis (Bachelor or Master thesis); Topic must be submitted
    Age group: no age limit
    Nina Adelmann (Koordinartion der Kick-Offs) 
    Klara Dreo (Mehrsprachigkeit/DaF/DaZ) 
  • ZEBRA-Beratungs und Therapiezentrum
    Offers counselling and support concerning the topic of migration (advice on the recognition of qualifications obtained in other countries, legal advice, employment counselling, educational councelling, family counselling, intercultural psychotherapy;

Peer Mentoring

  • Bildung und Vernetzung
    Organisation: IGASUS (Interessensgemeinschaft afghanischer Studenten_innen und Schüler_innen) 
    Brief description: Networking of Afghan students, mutual advice, empowerment. Workshops (educational institutions in Austria, lecture and discussion on forced marriage, ...), magazine and various other projects, like graduation ceremony and much more.
    Duration of offer: since foundation of the association in 2015 - ongoing
    Target group: Afghan schoolchildren, Afghan community, in some of the many workshops and projects the target group is the whole society
    Age group: from 16 
  • Building Future
    Organisation: SERLO - Vereinigung Waynachischer Hochschüler Österreichs 
    Brief description: The association was founded for the purpose of education, further training, integration, interculturality and networking. One of the main concerns is to create a platform for communication, exchange and motivation for teenagers and young adults in order to promote both personal and academic development. 
    Target group: Schoolchildren, high school graduates, students or interested parties from the Chechen and Ingush community in Austria;
    Age group: from 15 (after completing compulsory schooling) 
    Instagram: serlovwh_at 
    Kontakt: Ramzan JASHURKAEV (Vorsitzender), Maryam VAGAEVA & Angela IDRISOWA (Stell.Vertr.) 
  • Der Mentor für Studenten
    Organisation: ASÖ ( Arabische Studierende in Österreich) 
    Short description: Support for students who speak Arabic, especially for new refugees, in the phase of VWU, regarding questions on university, modification, masters, etc. through an online group on Facebook; 
    Duration of offer: since August 2018 
    Age group: from 18 
    Required Criteria: online Application 
    Kontakt: Raed Al Azawi
  • UNHCR Community Dialog und Forum
    Organisation: UNHCR 
    Kurzbeschreibung: Networking meeting for associations and initiatives of students with refugee experience within the framework of the Community Dialog and Forum (UNHCR) and Uni Freunde (Fremde werden Freunde und Vorstudienlehrgang der Wiener Universitäten). 
    Duration of offer: since January 2020 - ongoing 
    Target group: Students with refugee experience
    Contact: Marie-Claire Sowinetz
    Email: und